February 2016

THANKYOU! Here is a video from us to you, to celebrate our win of first place in Best New Musical Show of 2015 in the Renaissance Festival Podcast Awards!

September 2015


It's with a heavy heart that we announce Maggie is officially leaving the band.

After trying to juggle the craziness of life (grad school, among other life events) with the music, she has ultimately decided that she is unable to keep up in her studies while traveling with the band. We know that school is important, and we wish her luck in her studies. We know that if she applies herself even *half* as much as she did in BB&C, she will be outstanding, and far surpass all expectations! We'll miss you!

As for the business and logistics end of it, we are attaching a flier to this post with the requirements for an alto replacement in the band. Any inquires should be sent to the email listed on the flier. (Note that all individuals are subject to the interview/audition process.) We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank-you again to Maggie for all of her hard work and the light she's brought to this group. We love you. heart emoticon And thank-you to our fans for encouraging us, and for bearing with us as we make changes. heart emoticon All of our shows will still proceed as planned, with as minimal changes as possible.


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